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EWQL Products...

2011-06-02 23:39:21 by Pizzaroma

...are a great buy. While I'm not making the most use out of them they're really worth it (especially if you know about the student discount *wink wink*)

The sound quality is pretty great (as you can tell - I guess).

Oh and the student discount is great if you don't like pirating software.

End The Tyranny

2009-08-17 17:24:15 by Pizzaroma

Burn the zero bombers at the stake.

Something should seriously be done about these zero bombers, because I never get the publicity that allows me to get constructive criticism on my songs.

I can't become a better composer without that.

All who agree with me, please let me know. Something really needs to be done about this, because it screws up all the scores on all of the genres.

Then all the zero bombers get their friends to post 5's on their crappy songs. What is this crap?

At this rate, I'm better off posting my music elsewhere for reviews and ratings, and just using newgrounds for hosting the songs.

Let's stop this place from being taken over by "gangstas" who are as white as milk, and "teh Epic haxc0rz" who think they're cool because they sit behind their computer the entire day and get made fun of when they go to school, or the retards who have some crap job because they flunked out of high school and don't know how to handle it.

My song has found good use!

2008-12-06 16:16:11 by Pizzaroma

The new oober song is my first song to be featured in a project in the flash portal, for a tutorial flash. Hopefully this'll help get some publicity, and well it definitely has pumped me up to write more music.

Also, got a new song for a new persons game and I think it sounds pretty awesome. It's a scifi sorta song, with some new things. Reviews and constructive criticism would be awesome, once I post it here. Edit: lol, first two votes... 5, 5, then it got zero bombed a few times. Hooray!

I'm really starting to get the hang of the mixer also, and getting more into automation.

On the side, I've been looking into getting finale, because orchestral music in FL Studio is a pain. If anyone has finale, let me know how good it is, and if it's worth $600.

My songs never get any traffic

2008-12-03 18:57:47 by Pizzaroma



2008-11-20 21:15:11 by Pizzaroma

Noone ever reads these do they? Oh well it's all good.

Edit: Comments that waste my time aren't any better.

Hey guys, it's James Barnaby here.

Just a quick update, is that I've been doing pretty good but I need some inspiration for new songs, so if you have anything good, or anything that might inspire me, let me know. (Maybe I'll even name the song after you :D)

Also I am still just using the Frooty Loops Studio 8 demo... which poses the issues of saving music (although there is some legal get arounds... like leaving my computer on for a few days with it open) but also I'm more used to sheet music.

Lastly, I'm not one for the quality of my orchestral instruments, so if anyone knows where I can get free legal orchestral samples, that are better quality than my own, let me know :D

Hello All

2008-09-24 18:21:51 by Pizzaroma

Hello everyone, just want to say, that I'm getting back into the groove. and update

2008-08-31 22:01:45 by Pizzaroma

Thanks to, I was able to find some good instrument samples that didn't come with frooty loops studio. Good news, is that this will allow me to move and learn more about a new genre, and it'll help add good diversity to my music, with quality sounds.

You can hear them in my new short loop, called a forsaken link.

Bad news, there aren't enough, so please let me know if there is any other places I can get good soundfonts. Thanks

In other news, regarding that, the second vote on my loop, a short thingamajig, was a zero. I'm just awe-struck that people will just dump 0's on things that have musical value.

In other news, I think I might actually buy frooty loops studio 8, instead of just wasting time using the demo, which has no save function, only render. Good news, is that I can export to midi, and then later re-import the midi song.

If you actually spent the time to read this, thanks, and please leave a comment so I know I'm not wasting my time making news posts.


2008-08-20 13:05:24 by Pizzaroma

I'd just like to let everyone know thanks, to those who voted 0 on magnetized river and vertigo, because they have absolutely no musical value whatsoever... right?

Once again, thanks. Your honest, and well thought our reviews have helped kill my songs scores, but then again, it doesn't matter because I suck at composing and writing music :D