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End The Tyranny

2009-08-17 17:24:15 by Pizzaroma

Burn the zero bombers at the stake.

Something should seriously be done about these zero bombers, because I never get the publicity that allows me to get constructive criticism on my songs.

I can't become a better composer without that.

All who agree with me, please let me know. Something really needs to be done about this, because it screws up all the scores on all of the genres.

Then all the zero bombers get their friends to post 5's on their crappy songs. What is this crap?

At this rate, I'm better off posting my music elsewhere for reviews and ratings, and just using newgrounds for hosting the songs.

Let's stop this place from being taken over by "gangstas" who are as white as milk, and "teh Epic haxc0rz" who think they're cool because they sit behind their computer the entire day and get made fun of when they go to school, or the retards who have some crap job because they flunked out of high school and don't know how to handle it.


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