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My song has found good use!

2008-12-06 16:16:11 by Pizzaroma

The new oober song is my first song to be featured in a project in the flash portal, for a tutorial flash. Hopefully this'll help get some publicity, and well it definitely has pumped me up to write more music.

Also, got a new song for a new persons game and I think it sounds pretty awesome. It's a scifi sorta song, with some new things. Reviews and constructive criticism would be awesome, once I post it here. Edit: lol, first two votes... 5, 5, then it got zero bombed a few times. Hooray!

I'm really starting to get the hang of the mixer also, and getting more into automation.

On the side, I've been looking into getting finale, because orchestral music in FL Studio is a pain. If anyone has finale, let me know how good it is, and if it's worth $600.


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