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Need inspiriation, software, and free samples

2008-11-05 17:47:50 by Pizzaroma

Hey guys, it's James Barnaby here.

Just a quick update, is that I've been doing pretty good but I need some inspiration for new songs, so if you have anything good, or anything that might inspire me, let me know. (Maybe I'll even name the song after you :D)

Also I am still just using the Frooty Loops Studio 8 demo... which poses the issues of saving music (although there is some legal get arounds... like leaving my computer on for a few days with it open) but also I'm more used to sheet music.

Lastly, I'm not one for the quality of my orchestral instruments, so if anyone knows where I can get free legal orchestral samples, that are better quality than my own, let me know :D


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